Thursday, 1 January 2009

Show Training (or not...)

Well, as I have only got three months until these bundles of fun hit their first show then I thought I had better get my act together and try to consolidate some show training.... all three puppies are going through a period of teething at the moment and their previously wonderful ly erect ears are at various stages of droopiness as a result.

Evidently their dad took until seven months for his to get back to fully erect... I am hoping that it takes a little less time here.

First came Milly - sporting her usual singlemindedness at the thought of some chicken.... though as she had just been fed the urge to hold her good ear up was not as strong as usual.....

George was up next... he quite likes standing so long as I am dangling food in front of his nose...

As for Alfie - well I havent quite managed to get the message across yet... but we will get it sorted soon. He is hindered by his desire to pretend to be a Phalene - but we all know better (see below... taken just 20 minutes later....)

Improved results will hopefully follow soon :-)