Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Morris Gets Best Puppy In Breed

I was thrilled on Friday when "Morrie" aka Farleysbane Morris Minor For Petitchien was awarded Best Puppy In Breed by Monique Van Brempt (Belgium) at Midland Counties Championship Show.

Morrie will never be the biggest boy in the class (lol) but happily sits within breed standard (currently 8.5 inches at 8 months old) ... so we will see how he matures, and how the judges view him as time goes by.

With thanks to Anne MacGregor for the lovely photo, and to Sue and Carol for entrusting me with this lovely lad.


  1. Great picture and well deserved win, let's hope he can follow in Daves footsteps!!
    Rhoda X

  2. Well done, little fella! I have one at the other end of the scale and know they sometimes get "knocked".....either end.